Individual language courses


We are well aware that knowledge of foreign languages is now a ticket to the world of greater opportunities and benefits. We also understand that, to a large extent, a foreign language is only a means to an end, so we take particular care of our clients’ valuable time and ensure that their goals are achieved without unnecessary stress.

English language school. Lesson, teacher and student talking

Are you thinking about improving your language skills? Contact us and we will create an individual language course tailored to your needs.

Language courses for demanding customers


Since the beginning of our activity we have been specializing in individual language courses, addressed to people with unusual language needs or the expectation of flexibility in the organization of classes. Based on the accumulated knowledge and many years of experience, we advise what language level is necessary at a given career level. We offer preparation for FCE, CAE, CPE, LCCI and their equivalents in other languages, as well as specialized exams for specific industries.

Teaching staff at the highest level


Individual classes are conducted by specialized teaching staff, tutors with philological education and native speakers with higher education.



Classes can take place at the client’s home, at work, on the premises of our school or online at any time convenient for the client. The days and hours of classes can be completely flexible.

Care at every stage of learning


Where should we start? At a table with a cup of good coffee. We meet and determine your language proficiency level through a short written and oral test before you start learning. Then we determine the mode of organizing the classes, the possible length of the course and its scope, necessary to achieve the goal. We are guided by EU methodological assumptions, according to which the implementation of each of the six levels of language knowledge – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 (link to the description of the levels) – is at least 120 hours of learning. We select a tutor – a Polish tutor with philological education or a native speaker with higher education, including education in relavant professional areas. In addition, a dedicated client assistant will enure that the course runs smoothly and flexibly from the beginning to the end.