Language Test


Are you thinking about a language course? Great! Therefore, we invite you to take a placement test. What for?

We encourage you to take the language test after the course to check your progress!

Why is the language test worth taking?


First of all, for your own awareness and assessment of your current level of language skills. Secondly, the language test will allow us to offer you a course that best suits your needs, to define the content of the classes, the mode and manner of their organization, as well as materials and methodological tools. Thirdly, the test is also a good way of learning, so you can treat it as an introduction to the first lesson.

How does the language test work?


On the website you will find free placement tests in English and German. The test consists of 50 questions. There are four options for each question, only one of which contains the correct answer. Once the test has been completed, the result will be sent to the e-mail address indicated above in the form of the number of points obtained and the level of foreign language proficiency achieved on the EU scale.